Friday, September 28, 2007

Ina, Fabulous Ina

How I love you
I love your warm smile
Your sparkling eyes
I love your laugh
And your deft spotlessly clean hands
I even love your bad perm husband Jeffrey
Your recipes look divine
So easy to make
So french in style
You can cook
And bake
Like so few of us can

Why did you never have kids Ina?
Were you too busy camping in France?
Were you too busy with your nuclear energy advisor position during the Ford and Carter administrations?
Were you too busy teaching yourself how to be an amazing chef?
I will be your kid Ina
Make me a coconut cupcake
Make me a potato pancake
Make me some brisket Ina
My soul to cook like Ina!

This is my ode to Ina Garten, whom I revere as perhaps the most fabulous chef/celebrity ever. Forget Rachael, Giada, Nigella and all the others. How could they compare?

Yesterday I made Croque Monsieur. 1) I made a roux. 2) It failed to thicken. It thickened after i let it sit. I failed to thicken it, perhaps is the correct statement. However, the sandwiches were easy and delicious and I will definitely make it again. I invited Jeff over thinking that 8 sandwiches would be too much. I think actually we could have eaten them all. I could have eaten them all. Thank you to all the ingredients that made this recipe possible. Thank you ham that my parents bought me that I didn't ask for. Thank you expensive Gruyere cheese that I'm glad I splurged on. Thank you cheap white Giant bread that helped me cut costs thanks to that expensive ass Gruyere but still tasted good toasted and smothered in cheese. Thank you broiler that works. And lastly, thank you Ina for making it all possible!!! Much love.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Baby Faces

This is no one trick pony. Gideon's many faces keep us entertained, especially as they're all caused by no reason we can discern.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Before we came home from the hospital, I asked Gideon a few questions about life. You may be surprised by what he had to say.

Gideon's First Interview from Jane Yang on Vimeo.

Want more videos?

Upon Request!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gideon is Home!!

After 4 weeks and 1 day in the NICU at GWUH, Gideon is finally home ! We've already taken him to the doctor and he is doing great. He's on an apnea monitor which checks his heart rate and breathing rate, but it hasn't gone off (unless we accidentally pull one of the wires out, and then it makes a very harsh noise indeed). Thanks to everyone for your love and support!

Friday, September 07, 2007



You know how sometimes something bad happens and you take care of it and you think everything is going to be alright? And then the same bad things that happened last time start happening again and then you take your precious cat to the vet and they identify a lump that is not a bone on her hind leg and you leave the vet and all you have is a clay pawprint and an empty cat carrier?

As Angela said, I hope Esme is playing happily in kitty heaven with nobody to bother her and a big soft bed to lay in all eternity long.
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He Did It!

He's 5 pounds! We were at the NICU last night and he was up to 2295 grams--that's 5 lbs! They had him on a sleep apnea monitor yesterday morning, which had him covered in wires for a few hours and smelly glue afterwards. I didn't notice him doing anything, but that's for them to say. He's getting ready to go home now-he passed the carseat test, we were trained for infant CPR via "video" (don't forget the ABC's of CPR-Airway, Breathing, and Compression), and giving him a bath!

Bath Demo from Jane Yang and Vimeo.