Thursday, November 13, 2008

Illicit Haircut

I am incredibly lucky to have my parents watch the Gbaby while I work. I know this, I appreciate this, even though I really have no scope for reality because they have always watched him. I always trusted him with them, and knew he was safe and loved and never cried for more than thirty seconds in a row in their presence.

When I picked up the Gbaby tonight, I noticed and commented on my dad's snazzy new haircut. Then I picked up the Gbaby, and left.

I gave Gbaby his bath, we ate dinner, and were hanging out for a bit before bedtime. When I noticed his usually fuzzy hairline, which I had even commented to Chris as being slightly on the edge of "baby mullet" was surprisingly straight. Leaning in for closer inspection, I noticed a thin even scar. Like the kind, I don't know, scissors would make. My jaw dropped. Inspecting his whole head I realized that the delicious curl that stuck out of the back of his hair when he woke up, that I used to pull and tease when cuddling him, that looked so adorable as he toddled around, was GONE! His entire head had been trimmed with a preppy maliciousness.

My son has received an illicit haircut.

No mention of the haircut prior to the event. No mention after.

Don't they realize that the first haircut is a momentous event that is meant to be cataloged, or at least photographed?? I can just imagine my mom laughing uproariously when her "trick" is discovered. At least at a day care I wouldn't be surprised by random acts of grooming.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Low right or High right?

On NPR, they were talking about the low right and the high right. Apparently the low right are those "Joe the you-know-whats" or "Joe Six packs" (take your pick) conservatives, while the high right are those that were embarrassed by the choice of Sarah Palin as the VP nominee.

This blog has come down from some "High" 30 minute meals to some pretty "low" 30 minute meals. That's right, I am now the Rush Limbaugh of speed suppers, I am more akin to Sandra Lee than to Rachael Ray.

Don't blast me. That's just how motherhood has played out.

In the nature of debate, my assertion: I am a "low" cook.
My Reason: I have been using some ... questionable methods and ingredients.
My example: I made a soup using velveeta. And it was good, damn you. Good!!!

The recipe was found at my mother in laws where I visited last weekend. Apparently, she has a subscription (free) to Kraft Foods magazine. There they showcase some very manageable dinners, including aforementioned recipe.

This "Velvety Velveeta (yes, that is the recipe name henceforth) Vegetable Soup" comprised three ingredients, and took all of five minutes of attention. Hence, no screaming baby, hence, successful night for all.

Tonight I made a Shepard's Pie from the Kraftfoods website. I had to add some Worcestershire sauce, but it appears it will be successful.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Every weekend

Should be a three day weekend. Where free time exists and outings can be had. That is much better than lemon drops and gum drops falling from the sky-- sorry, bad mommy humor?

Saturday was library and grocery shopping day with mommy.

Sunday we were invited to a lovely dinner with Gordon and Melissa, and their two dogs who I know are schnauzer-poodle hypoallergenic dogs, but for whatever reason I can not remember their names. I can remember the name of the Safeway clerk that works on Sunday morning (thanks, Les!) but not these two friendly dogs that I spent all of Sunday evening with, their names being called out every five minutes or so. Anyway, S and M (initials, completely unintentional), licked Gideon all over his face repeatedly. He quickly learned to bat them away by covering his face with his hands, but he loved it all the same.

Chris also took Gideon for a nice long walk that afternoon, giving me some well deserved R & R.

At some point I made pizza.

On this most wonderful day of three day weekends, that is, the third day, we went to Cabin John Regional Park where we partook a miniature train ride and got to ride on the swings, and sit in some dirt. It was good fun all around. Oh and since we were up there, let's eat some Thai food and buy some baby stuff.

I mourn your loss three day weekend, it is definitely the end of the line for us at 10:20 before a school day. But I will remember you forever!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008


It's fall! Time for some more stews and warm toasty things.

This week I made pizza puttanesca using some very basic ingredients and a thin crust Boboli pizza shell. I loved this dinner, but Chris ate 3/4 of it! He loved it too, needless to say. You sautee some garlic and red pepper flakes in olive oil, add in two anchovies, and then some diced tomatoes (drain them first). Spread this mix on the pizza crust, top with some cheese (not too much) and kalamata olives (you can add capers too, but I decided no). It was lovely, and fancy to boot.

Several people have inquired about the curry I made in the previous post. I think it tasted bland, but maybe I should have added more curry powder. Chris liked it a lot, especially the incorporation of spinach into our diet. Spinach is a power food, did you know that? You're supposed to eat it every day.

This week we're going to:

Broil some white fish! What white fish will it be? Whatever looks good at Whole Foods. Will I put fresh salsa on it? Or will I eat it with Mustard and Herbs? Only time will tell.

Beefaroni-In memory of Paul Newman I will gladly use his Sockaroni sauce to complement this easy, cheesy dish. The Sockaroni is good because it has peppers and a full bodied flavor, which is essential in what is ultimately a 4 ingredient dish (beef, pasta, sauce, cheese).

That's all I can think of for now. Maybe some good ideas will come my way? Hint, hint.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dinner plans?

Garlic and Cauliflower pasta-Mark Bittman recipe that starts off with a base of anchovies, olive oil and garlic. You can't go wrong. I'm going to get a roast chicken (Safeway has the best I find) and shred it to add some more oomph to this recipe. I'm not sure what kind of pasta to use. Lidia says to use long pasta like spaghetti, but Gideon prefers a short pasta. I think we'll go with penne.

The rest of the shredded rotisserie chicken will go to this recipe for Chicken Curry. I have tried several chicken curry recipes but I have yet to find one that I really love. We'll see if this one hits the spot for my Indian food jonesin. I like the idea of using coconut milk for the creaminess, and I happen to have one can in my pantry.

When my pantry, which is literally the size of a large dictionary, is only full of things I plan to use that week, I will float away in bliss. My whole house is in need of this type of clutter cleansing. The battles against clutter seem to be lost repeatedly this year. We will regroup! We will continue! Maybe we have to have some sort of surge?

One day we're just doing grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup. Gideon loves the grilled cheese and Chris loves the chicken noodle soup (from a can). I've decided to give my chef and my cleaning crew a break.

A recipe I've tried numerous times and just love to death is for Zucchini Frittata. I should really just whip out the food processor for the zucchini but I hate the idea of cleaning it. Which is sad because I've never used it. I didn't make the mounds of baby food for Gideon that I had envisioned. I used my mini prep, which was hella annoying, and why I invested in this larger version, but by that time Gideon was eating a lot of jar food. And then table food. And it seemed pointless to read the instruction booklet. My mom gave me some sausage patties she got from Costco. They are pretty good. They came in a huge bag of 30 sausage patties. For $10. Now you know that's a value.

Friday, August 22, 2008

David's Pictures

These are great pics from my brother, now Uncle Dave. These photos range from May (or earlier) to August!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008


My summer is almost over. I only had seven weeks off and now i realize that 4 of those weeks have passed and only 3 more are left. At first I was really worried about spending all that time at home with Gideon alone. I filled the days with activities and outings. And now, though it is intensely difficult at times to be alone with a little person whose needs and demands always supercede your own, I'm very glad that I had the chance to get to know my little one a lot better. It is amazing to see how much he has changed and now he's going to be a year old.

But what else, have I been doing, you may ask.

Well, when Gideon lets me, I have been:

Watching TV
The complete Jane Austen-They're replaying all of these Masterpiece Theatre miniseries on our digital PBS station. Ad nauseum. Suffice it to say, can I watch another adaptation of Sense and Sensibility again and again? Apparently, I can. I liked Persuasion particularly.

Penelope-Christina Ricci is a self satisfied pig. Fact or Fiction?

Death Note-Bizarre anime series about this sociopath who wants to control the world. Very Japanese.

Project Runway Five (finally)-It's definitely too early to tell who I like, but I'll tell you that I was annoyed they kicked Jerry off. Yes, the raincoat was ugly and somewhat stupid,but it was fully lined! It wasn't some pathetic collection of trashbags sewn together in a loose and hideous fashion.

Reading Books
David Sedaris-His new book was PRETTY funny (not as entertaining as Me Talk Pretty Someday) but the last chapter was incredible. He is just that quirky and self effacing.
Jumpha Lahiri-Her newest collection of short stories was along the same course as all Lahiri stories-but the first two from Unaccustomed Earth made me gasp for breath. Some Amazon reviewer called it melodramatic but I thought they rang too true.
Guns, Germs and Steel-I'm trying to get smart. It seems very common sense but in amazing detail and great examples.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Eating Well

I have a secret. That you can not tell my pediatrician. I feed Gideon... table food. A LOT. I don't check for nuts. Or eggs. Or wheat. Or whatever the heck you're supposed to check for. One day I put something in his mouth and he ate it. And I have been addicted ever since. I don't give him eVERYTHING I eat. But I take risks. I play Russian Roulette with my baby's palate.

Given that, this week I am cooking things that I think he will be able to eat.

Korean Chicken Stew: He has to get these flavors in, people! I'm not going to put in the spicy sauce, so it will be a tasty soy infused chicken, potato, carrot and onion concoction.

Mac and Cheese with tuna: This is my favorite macaroni and cheese recipe with a can of tuna thrown in. Babies over twenty pounds can eat one ounce of tuna a week. I will probably just pick out the tuna, since I don't think it's that soft.

Pasta e fagioli: Pasta and bean soup. I like to use my hand blender to puree this for gideon so he can eat it all up!

I am definitely going to try to go to eat dosai this week. I must have dosai. And that is that. Then gideon will eat dosai. but will he EAT dosai?

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Gideon's birthday is coming up! Yes, one year ago he popped out of my oven two months early! The topic is birthday presents.

I have been pretty open about saying that I do not want to spoil this child. But then I enter a store. And I want him to play with the things in the store. Which requires using the cash.

I know there are better ways. There are flea markets and yard sales and even Value Village. But can I help that the Target is so shiny and clean and available to take my debit card?

Here is the list of things that I may or may not be getting.

1. Stride to Ride Lion

Gideon has nothing to ride on! Nothing to walk on! Except a laundry basket and some folding chairs, which I am fairly sure are not that exciting for him.

So he needs this:

We tried it out at Babies R Us and though he was mostly pushing it around on his knees and adamantly refused to mount it, I think he will like it more as he gets older.

2. Baby Mozart?

At my mom's house lives a keyboard that I bought one summer to teach myself how to play piano. I even took lessons. This ... did not work out. So now the keyboard lives at my mom's house with a cover over it in my old bedroom. When my mom takes Gideon upstairs, he goes straight to that room, pulls the cover off and begins to pound on the thing, not realizing that it is powered by ELECTRICITY and that the red button must be pushed for the noise to happen. The keyboard has all these jazzy features and electric rhythms and the like, so usually he ends up playing some pretty strange stuff. But now he could have:

The "Baby Grand" piano.

3. Alphabet Blocks

I have been eyeing these at the Target for a while. He has a "sea" themed set we got at a church tag sale, which he actually likes, and I AM a teacher, so what the hey.

4. Busy Ball Popper

Busy. Balls. Popping. Enough said.

Chris insists that we are buying him too much stuff. I agree. But then I see THIS:

I need this. My baby needs this. He needs this outfit and he needs those shoes and he just looks so classic and cute and ORGANIC.

I'm not getting this (yet). I know historically speaking that Gideon will forgo most toys in favor of the lid to a tupperware container which he will wave hysterically in the air, alternately chomping on it and smiling wildly like, LOOK!!!! A 25 cent plastic lid!!! I love it more than anything you could possibly buy me. But I must try.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

First Update in...Oh who's even counting anymore???

At least it's videos and photos!!

FIRST he starts with this stuff:

Gideon Starts Crawling from Jane Yang on Vimeo.

Then he moves to ... THIS???

Stairs? Yes Please from Jane Yang on Vimeo.

And photos, which I occasionally remember to take, because this baby is growing FAST!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Restaurant Reviews

We haven't been eating out a lot lately, since the gbaby has decided going anywhere loud at night will cause him to shriek in distress and sleepiness. But thanks to his halmuni and ha-bi, we got to go to Central last Friday.

It's on Penn across from the Post Office Pavilion (right next to TenPenh). My favorite was the "faux" gras-which is actually chicken liver pate. I LOVE pate, but something about this pate elevated to an even higher level. Keep that bread basket coming, please. Ever since Europe my love of excellent bread has intensified. Now it seems I can tell the difference between the good stuff and the dreck. And apparently all I've been eating is dreck. In Europe, what we know as sandwich bread doesn't even count as bread.

I got the hamburger, which, as far as I can tell, took care of my caloric needs for the next few months, and yes, it was worth it. Really good cocktails too.

For Mother's Day Chris took me (and gbaby) to Del Merei Grille, which is next to that really good Indian restaurant in Del Ray. Though it was very good, and I like trying new things, I almost wish we had gone to the Indian place, because I miss that place. The Mother's Day brunch was really reasonable, plus unlimited mimosas and really good coffee.

A few weeks ago we went with Jeff to this Wheaton landmark, Moby Dick Sushi. It used to be a seafood restaurant but kept the name and changed the genre. It was quite good and a great value too. Only 8 bucks for a huge lunch bento. Definitely recommended (right across from Wheaton Plaza or whatever it's called now). The gbaby was very good at both restaurants. He sat in a highchair, played with a toy, and did not cry. We definitely held him more when we were at Del Merei Grille. Our saving grace at Moby Dick was the spoon from our miso soup which made an excellent toy.

I'm going to start my own toy company that sells stuff babies ACTUALLY want to play with. The merchandise will include plastic containers, toothbrushes and pieces of blunt edged paper. I'll make my fortune!!!

Who knows when I will go to a restaurant next? Only time will tell.

Monday, April 21, 2008

What I eat

Sunday: Really good New England Clam Chowder, but the question is: Did it make me sick? I got very nauseous afterwards, but Chris ate just as much as I did and he did not. In short I took a pregnancy test and I think it's a stomach flu.

Monday -aka- Tonight: Spam Fried Rice, if I can get my act together.

Tuesday: Pasta with Cauliflower, Garlic and Anchovies. I love anchovies with pasta.

Wednesday: Steak

Thursday: Hot dogs. Chris wants. I don't ask. I get to have baked beans with it though, my fave.

Friday: I am hoping we can go out for Indian, at least take out. We'll see.

Saturday: Guests over for a BBQ lunch. I think I'm going to do yogurt cumin chicken kebabs, maybe some burgers. I'm also doing Macho Nachos. Not sure what else yet.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Dinner Lately

Has been a bit of a toss up.

Sunday: Zucchini Frittata using a recipe Jenni gave me. It was very yummy and very fast. It probably would have been better

Monday: I did a simplified version of this Ground Gyros Platter. It was pretty tasty.

Tuesday: Linguine with White Clam Sauce turned into cappellini with white clam sauce. It was pretty good, but I think I'm Clam Sauced out.

Wednesday: Sausage with Rice.

Thursday: Chick Fil A. The chipotle is not opening until April 25, we found out.

Friday: I believe we are having ramen noodles with egg today. What culinary adventures await us next week?? Stay tuned to find out. Or see you in a month. Whatever floats my boat.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Movies I've watched (a lot on airplanes)
Becoming Jane At first I hated this. Then I liked it. In the end, I only like James McEvoy more and Anne Hathaway less.
Juno I'm sorry y'all. Overrated.
Atonement Cried.
Namesake Cried.
Elizabeth: The Golden Age Eh.
Paris, Je'Taime Cried.

Shows I'm Watching
Top Chef-who to root for...hmm, I just don't know. I think I like Richard Blais. One, his restaurant is called "Trail-Blais." It's in Atlanta, so I just have a preference there. And he LOVES Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in an authentic way. That's charming. I hate his hair, and his arrogance and it's quite likely he didn't have many friends in elementary school, but I am rooting for him.

Battlestar-It's BACK baby. If you are not making time in your life to watch this show, then I'm sorry, but your life is a little less rich than it could be.

Real Housewives of New York City-I hate all the wives in this one, but especially Alex. My favorite is the Countess that used to be a model.

Lost-Still loving it.

Books I'm Reading or Have Read
Margaret Atwood-Moral Disorder
Geraldine Brooks-March
Philippa Gregory-Boleyn Inheritance


Was gorgeous, cold, very successful.

Watching dubbed Super Sweet 16 on French television.
Running into Jan at the Tibetan restaurant in Amsterdam.
The ladies in the Red Light District leaning out of their windows to gossip with eachother.
Snow falling over the canals.
Climbing up an insane number of stairs in Notre Dame for a windy but gorgeous view, only to realize that in order to get to the "top" we must climb, yes, even more stairs.
Musee de Orsay
The basement of the Louvre
Napoleon's Rooms
Sparkly Eiffel Tower
"Chitterling" Sausage
De Bakkerswinkel
Karamel Stroopwaffels
Millais at the Van Gogh


Is sitting up.
Is eating solids.
Is grabbing for everything.
Is communicating more.
Is turning into a toddler.


Sunday, January 06, 2008


Yes, many people who have noted how long it has been since I have updated this blog, I am aware that this blog has deprived you of contact with what is now obviously [sarcasm intended] the only reason I have to live, but the wolves that keep attacking me when I go near the computer only recently starved to death.

So below you will see some pictures that were taken of Mr. Chubby Cheeks over the last month or so. In addition I am posting some videos, and a little photoset that I hope to add to every month (near the 14th or thereabouts). Thank you for letting me know that you DO want to see pictures of His Chubbiness, and the exclamations of surprise at how much he's grown. Because we see him every day it's hard to see how much he's changing, maybe reality will hit when he leaves for college.

The above album is best viewed backwards.

Want video?

Sleeping from Jane Yang on Vimeo.

Conversations from Jane Yang on Vimeo.

More Pictures Now!!!!