Monday, July 14, 2008

Eating Well

I have a secret. That you can not tell my pediatrician. I feed Gideon... table food. A LOT. I don't check for nuts. Or eggs. Or wheat. Or whatever the heck you're supposed to check for. One day I put something in his mouth and he ate it. And I have been addicted ever since. I don't give him eVERYTHING I eat. But I take risks. I play Russian Roulette with my baby's palate.

Given that, this week I am cooking things that I think he will be able to eat.

Korean Chicken Stew: He has to get these flavors in, people! I'm not going to put in the spicy sauce, so it will be a tasty soy infused chicken, potato, carrot and onion concoction.

Mac and Cheese with tuna: This is my favorite macaroni and cheese recipe with a can of tuna thrown in. Babies over twenty pounds can eat one ounce of tuna a week. I will probably just pick out the tuna, since I don't think it's that soft.

Pasta e fagioli: Pasta and bean soup. I like to use my hand blender to puree this for gideon so he can eat it all up!

I am definitely going to try to go to eat dosai this week. I must have dosai. And that is that. Then gideon will eat dosai. but will he EAT dosai?

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Jenni said...

Haha, good for you! I love it! Dinner this week sounds tasty. Can I eat at your house?