Saturday, July 12, 2008


Gideon's birthday is coming up! Yes, one year ago he popped out of my oven two months early! The topic is birthday presents.

I have been pretty open about saying that I do not want to spoil this child. But then I enter a store. And I want him to play with the things in the store. Which requires using the cash.

I know there are better ways. There are flea markets and yard sales and even Value Village. But can I help that the Target is so shiny and clean and available to take my debit card?

Here is the list of things that I may or may not be getting.

1. Stride to Ride Lion

Gideon has nothing to ride on! Nothing to walk on! Except a laundry basket and some folding chairs, which I am fairly sure are not that exciting for him.

So he needs this:

We tried it out at Babies R Us and though he was mostly pushing it around on his knees and adamantly refused to mount it, I think he will like it more as he gets older.

2. Baby Mozart?

At my mom's house lives a keyboard that I bought one summer to teach myself how to play piano. I even took lessons. This ... did not work out. So now the keyboard lives at my mom's house with a cover over it in my old bedroom. When my mom takes Gideon upstairs, he goes straight to that room, pulls the cover off and begins to pound on the thing, not realizing that it is powered by ELECTRICITY and that the red button must be pushed for the noise to happen. The keyboard has all these jazzy features and electric rhythms and the like, so usually he ends up playing some pretty strange stuff. But now he could have:

The "Baby Grand" piano.

3. Alphabet Blocks

I have been eyeing these at the Target for a while. He has a "sea" themed set we got at a church tag sale, which he actually likes, and I AM a teacher, so what the hey.

4. Busy Ball Popper

Busy. Balls. Popping. Enough said.

Chris insists that we are buying him too much stuff. I agree. But then I see THIS:

I need this. My baby needs this. He needs this outfit and he needs those shoes and he just looks so classic and cute and ORGANIC.

I'm not getting this (yet). I know historically speaking that Gideon will forgo most toys in favor of the lid to a tupperware container which he will wave hysterically in the air, alternately chomping on it and smiling wildly like, LOOK!!!! A 25 cent plastic lid!!! I love it more than anything you could possibly buy me. But I must try.


Jenni said...

The little girl down the street has the ball popper and it's awesome - the kids LOVE it AND it's not a annoying as a lot of kids toys.

And I love the blocks so much I'm getting them for Oscar. I've been trying to find a good set. I have wooden alphabet blocks, but I think the edges are too sharp.

happy bunny said...

whoa whoa whoa. does that mean that anything's fair game for presents? cause angela told me only books but if we're allowed to get him toys...

Angela said...

oh, here we gooooo...

periperijane said...

Jenni's bambino Oscar has some lift the flap books (these are chunky cardboard books, not flimsy paper) that I think Gideon would like. But yes, toys are now fair game, because guess what? He's COGnizant. Once that happens, entertainment becomes a top tier priority..