Sunday, September 28, 2008


It's fall! Time for some more stews and warm toasty things.

This week I made pizza puttanesca using some very basic ingredients and a thin crust Boboli pizza shell. I loved this dinner, but Chris ate 3/4 of it! He loved it too, needless to say. You sautee some garlic and red pepper flakes in olive oil, add in two anchovies, and then some diced tomatoes (drain them first). Spread this mix on the pizza crust, top with some cheese (not too much) and kalamata olives (you can add capers too, but I decided no). It was lovely, and fancy to boot.

Several people have inquired about the curry I made in the previous post. I think it tasted bland, but maybe I should have added more curry powder. Chris liked it a lot, especially the incorporation of spinach into our diet. Spinach is a power food, did you know that? You're supposed to eat it every day.

This week we're going to:

Broil some white fish! What white fish will it be? Whatever looks good at Whole Foods. Will I put fresh salsa on it? Or will I eat it with Mustard and Herbs? Only time will tell.

Beefaroni-In memory of Paul Newman I will gladly use his Sockaroni sauce to complement this easy, cheesy dish. The Sockaroni is good because it has peppers and a full bodied flavor, which is essential in what is ultimately a 4 ingredient dish (beef, pasta, sauce, cheese).

That's all I can think of for now. Maybe some good ideas will come my way? Hint, hint.


Angela said...

what the heck is sockaroni?? my mom made us a lot of Korean food, so we don't need to cook for a while!! but I am going to make wild mushroom risotto one night for dinner!! you just need one container of low-sodium chicken broth from Whole Foods to make enough risotto for two (also recipe is on the back of the box!! :)

Angela said...

where are the new pictures of KITTEN? I need photos to document his new growing conscientiousness!!

Melanie said...

food idea: now's a great time for butternut squash - cook it in the oven, and while it's cooking heat up sausage, sage, brown sugar, raisins, apricots, diced apple, rum (or orange juice), apple cider (or woodchuck cider). If you are feeling fancier - throw in pear.
Anyway, when the squash is done, mix up the pulp from the squash with the sausage mixture, stuff it back into the squash for 10-20 more minutes and voila. Yumminess abounds in the fall.

it's modified from The Joy of Cooking's recipe for stuffed acorn squash and stuffed butternut squash.