Thursday, November 13, 2008

Illicit Haircut

I am incredibly lucky to have my parents watch the Gbaby while I work. I know this, I appreciate this, even though I really have no scope for reality because they have always watched him. I always trusted him with them, and knew he was safe and loved and never cried for more than thirty seconds in a row in their presence.

When I picked up the Gbaby tonight, I noticed and commented on my dad's snazzy new haircut. Then I picked up the Gbaby, and left.

I gave Gbaby his bath, we ate dinner, and were hanging out for a bit before bedtime. When I noticed his usually fuzzy hairline, which I had even commented to Chris as being slightly on the edge of "baby mullet" was surprisingly straight. Leaning in for closer inspection, I noticed a thin even scar. Like the kind, I don't know, scissors would make. My jaw dropped. Inspecting his whole head I realized that the delicious curl that stuck out of the back of his hair when he woke up, that I used to pull and tease when cuddling him, that looked so adorable as he toddled around, was GONE! His entire head had been trimmed with a preppy maliciousness.

My son has received an illicit haircut.

No mention of the haircut prior to the event. No mention after.

Don't they realize that the first haircut is a momentous event that is meant to be cataloged, or at least photographed?? I can just imagine my mom laughing uproariously when her "trick" is discovered. At least at a day care I wouldn't be surprised by random acts of grooming.


Sarah Garb said...

Snap. That's all I have to say.

Angela said...

how could you not notice? you -must- be frazzled I say!

also, what's with the "scar"? did they hurt kitty kat??

Sarah said...

They gave Gideon a secret hair cut and they injured him in the process? Next thing you know they'll be piercing his ears and getting him a tattoo!

Jenni said...

what?! they got his hair cut?! no! nononononononon!