Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Low right or High right?

On NPR, they were talking about the low right and the high right. Apparently the low right are those "Joe the you-know-whats" or "Joe Six packs" (take your pick) conservatives, while the high right are those that were embarrassed by the choice of Sarah Palin as the VP nominee.

This blog has come down from some "High" 30 minute meals to some pretty "low" 30 minute meals. That's right, I am now the Rush Limbaugh of speed suppers, I am more akin to Sandra Lee than to Rachael Ray.

Don't blast me. That's just how motherhood has played out.

In the nature of debate, my assertion: I am a "low" cook.
My Reason: I have been using some ... questionable methods and ingredients.
My example: I made a soup using velveeta. And it was good, damn you. Good!!!

The recipe was found at my mother in laws where I visited last weekend. Apparently, she has a subscription (free) to Kraft Foods magazine. There they showcase some very manageable dinners, including aforementioned recipe.

This "Velvety Velveeta (yes, that is the recipe name henceforth) Vegetable Soup" comprised three ingredients, and took all of five minutes of attention. Hence, no screaming baby, hence, successful night for all.

Tonight I made a Shepard's Pie from the Kraftfoods website. I had to add some Worcestershire sauce, but it appears it will be successful.


Jenni said...

Look, it may be Velveeta, but at least it's not McDonalds, right?

Angela said...

omg, Mike just asked me, is this Jane raising the white flag?

have you surrendered? are you on your knees begging for mercy from the foodie gods? good lord woman!! how much longer until you serve frozen pea salad with mayo and sugar??

I don't know how I feel about the world anymore. I really don't.

Angela said...

for the record, I think velveeta is WORSE than McDonald's!!