Sunday, January 06, 2008


Yes, many people who have noted how long it has been since I have updated this blog, I am aware that this blog has deprived you of contact with what is now obviously [sarcasm intended] the only reason I have to live, but the wolves that keep attacking me when I go near the computer only recently starved to death.

So below you will see some pictures that were taken of Mr. Chubby Cheeks over the last month or so. In addition I am posting some videos, and a little photoset that I hope to add to every month (near the 14th or thereabouts). Thank you for letting me know that you DO want to see pictures of His Chubbiness, and the exclamations of surprise at how much he's grown. Because we see him every day it's hard to see how much he's changing, maybe reality will hit when he leaves for college.

The above album is best viewed backwards.

Want video?

Sleeping from Jane Yang on Vimeo.

Conversations from Jane Yang on Vimeo.

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