Sunday, April 06, 2008


Movies I've watched (a lot on airplanes)
Becoming Jane At first I hated this. Then I liked it. In the end, I only like James McEvoy more and Anne Hathaway less.
Juno I'm sorry y'all. Overrated.
Atonement Cried.
Namesake Cried.
Elizabeth: The Golden Age Eh.
Paris, Je'Taime Cried.

Shows I'm Watching
Top Chef-who to root for...hmm, I just don't know. I think I like Richard Blais. One, his restaurant is called "Trail-Blais." It's in Atlanta, so I just have a preference there. And he LOVES Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in an authentic way. That's charming. I hate his hair, and his arrogance and it's quite likely he didn't have many friends in elementary school, but I am rooting for him.

Battlestar-It's BACK baby. If you are not making time in your life to watch this show, then I'm sorry, but your life is a little less rich than it could be.

Real Housewives of New York City-I hate all the wives in this one, but especially Alex. My favorite is the Countess that used to be a model.

Lost-Still loving it.

Books I'm Reading or Have Read
Margaret Atwood-Moral Disorder
Geraldine Brooks-March
Philippa Gregory-Boleyn Inheritance


happy bunny said...

is alex the blonde one with bad hair and the aussie husband? if so, i also hate her.

and the countess is by far my favorite. mostly because she seems like someone that would be friends with ina :,P

Angela said...

nooooooooooo Richard Blais!! anyone but him!!

bill said...

FYI, Trail-Blais is his consulting company. He's currently consulting (designed the menu) at a couple of restaurants in town and word is he'll be opening his own place later this summer.

I've eaten at three of his previous restaurants and he's a great chef and the few times we've met him seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Angela said...

who is this BILL? is that a rogue marketer for Richard Blais?? because he sucks.

I want to know what you think of the grand conclusion of Masterpiece Theatre's Jane Austen series!!

periperijane said...

Sense and Sensibility? I loved it. But really, how can it compare to the Emma Thompson/Ang Lee version. You know Emma Thompson wrote the script for that version? And she wrote a book about writing the script. Crazy.