Monday, October 13, 2008

Every weekend

Should be a three day weekend. Where free time exists and outings can be had. That is much better than lemon drops and gum drops falling from the sky-- sorry, bad mommy humor?

Saturday was library and grocery shopping day with mommy.

Sunday we were invited to a lovely dinner with Gordon and Melissa, and their two dogs who I know are schnauzer-poodle hypoallergenic dogs, but for whatever reason I can not remember their names. I can remember the name of the Safeway clerk that works on Sunday morning (thanks, Les!) but not these two friendly dogs that I spent all of Sunday evening with, their names being called out every five minutes or so. Anyway, S and M (initials, completely unintentional), licked Gideon all over his face repeatedly. He quickly learned to bat them away by covering his face with his hands, but he loved it all the same.

Chris also took Gideon for a nice long walk that afternoon, giving me some well deserved R & R.

At some point I made pizza.

On this most wonderful day of three day weekends, that is, the third day, we went to Cabin John Regional Park where we partook a miniature train ride and got to ride on the swings, and sit in some dirt. It was good fun all around. Oh and since we were up there, let's eat some Thai food and buy some baby stuff.

I mourn your loss three day weekend, it is definitely the end of the line for us at 10:20 before a school day. But I will remember you forever!


Jenni said...

and what a gorgeous weekend it was.

do you have a receipe for pizza dough you like, or do you buy a shell?

periperijane said...

I buy a shell. But you can buy pizza dough at Trader Joe's for like, 99 cents. I can't handle the dough man. I fear the dough. Not turtles. Just dough.