Saturday, May 17, 2008

Restaurant Reviews

We haven't been eating out a lot lately, since the gbaby has decided going anywhere loud at night will cause him to shriek in distress and sleepiness. But thanks to his halmuni and ha-bi, we got to go to Central last Friday.

It's on Penn across from the Post Office Pavilion (right next to TenPenh). My favorite was the "faux" gras-which is actually chicken liver pate. I LOVE pate, but something about this pate elevated to an even higher level. Keep that bread basket coming, please. Ever since Europe my love of excellent bread has intensified. Now it seems I can tell the difference between the good stuff and the dreck. And apparently all I've been eating is dreck. In Europe, what we know as sandwich bread doesn't even count as bread.

I got the hamburger, which, as far as I can tell, took care of my caloric needs for the next few months, and yes, it was worth it. Really good cocktails too.

For Mother's Day Chris took me (and gbaby) to Del Merei Grille, which is next to that really good Indian restaurant in Del Ray. Though it was very good, and I like trying new things, I almost wish we had gone to the Indian place, because I miss that place. The Mother's Day brunch was really reasonable, plus unlimited mimosas and really good coffee.

A few weeks ago we went with Jeff to this Wheaton landmark, Moby Dick Sushi. It used to be a seafood restaurant but kept the name and changed the genre. It was quite good and a great value too. Only 8 bucks for a huge lunch bento. Definitely recommended (right across from Wheaton Plaza or whatever it's called now). The gbaby was very good at both restaurants. He sat in a highchair, played with a toy, and did not cry. We definitely held him more when we were at Del Merei Grille. Our saving grace at Moby Dick was the spoon from our miso soup which made an excellent toy.

I'm going to start my own toy company that sells stuff babies ACTUALLY want to play with. The merchandise will include plastic containers, toothbrushes and pieces of blunt edged paper. I'll make my fortune!!!

Who knows when I will go to a restaurant next? Only time will tell.

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