Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I started this blog as a personal log for myself, to keep track of the recipes I was using. I have been remiss!

No longer!

Yesterday: Tuna noodle casserole-a perpetual favorite. This time enlivened by the addition of a salad (crisp romaine with kidney beans and cauliflower). Always trying to keep up with the fiber. Do you know what has a lot of fiber? Blackberries.

The day before we went to my mom's house where she made these amazing soy braised pork spare ribs. I wish I knew how she did it!!

Saturday we went out to dinner with my mom--I know!! I know!! We were setting up the computer at her house. And she took us to eat soondubu (tofu hot pot) at VitGoel tofu house in rockville. I had some gal bi (beef ribs).

Tonight I am planning on making a recipe from Sara Moulton's Weeknight secrets book. I'll post about how it goes.

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