Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sausages and Rice

Have you ever tried breakfast sausages with plain white rice? It is delicious. Try it, you'll like it. I won't force you to eat them in a box or with a fox. Just try it.

Also made curry. I know for stew meat you're supposed to cook it low and slow, but the instructions on the curry box say BOIL and SIMMER for 15 minutes. The stew meat was very tough. This is the Japanese style curry, not the Indian curry. Koreans love Japanese style "Golden" curry. I love all kinds of curry, but I only cook this kind because it comes in a box and it tastes good.

I also made some busy day chicken, using a Jamaican Rum bbq sauce that came from the Hot Sauce Emporium. The chicken was very tender, and I think I found a sauce that can give it some oomph! I'm ready to try out different sauces from the Emporium, however. How exciting.

At some point this week, I'm hoping to make: Jambalaya, Spicy shrimp, and Lemon Chicken.

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Angela said...

I have had breakfast sausages with plain rice and you're right. It's delicious. I sometimes like to eat roasted seaweed with it too. Because roasted seaweed always goes with rice!

I had no idea that you've been updating this site so much.

And I never heard anything about your want for baked cheesy pasta. I thought you hated pasta!

Finally, what will Chris eat when you're gone? Poor poor boy.