Thursday, April 26, 2007


The reason that I haven't blogged in so many months is because I've been involved in some secret underground counter-revolutionary stuff that I can't go into right now because they're watching my EVERY MOVE.

Now that you know why I've been missing, perhaps you'd also like to know what I'm having for dinner this week.

This past week was a humdinger. We've moved in (relatively) to a new house with a glamorous kitchen, so there's been plenty of cooking and lots of leftovers.

One night I made Spaghetti Carbonara, which is just spaghetti, bacon, parmesan and flavored olive oil. Oh it's so delicious and easy to make, and oh the leftovers just taste so scrumdiddly-umptious!! I modified it from this Rachael Ray recipe, and instead of the pancetta I use half a package of thick cut bacon. Obviously I'm not using the Rigatoni and instead of two egg yolks I just used one egg. It still turns out like the most wonderful comfort food ever. Bacony.

I made this Spicy Chicken Stew without the spicy pepper paste, because that makes it "Dak Jim," or "Chicken Stew," and that is my most favorite thing in the world to eat. My mom makes this so much better than I do, but this tastes so close to my childhood memories, it's very good eats. I love using Yukon Gold potatoes because they soak in the stew juices. When you first put everything in the pot you think, Wow, that is so little liquid, but then it magically fills up with chicken juices and becomes pretty full. So don't worry so much, you'll get wrinkles. Also instead of the chicken wings I've just become lazy and use boneless skinless chicken thighs with the fat trimmed. It's probably not as flavorful but I hate that damned chicken skin.

Lastly we made what I call Cowboy Lasagna, mostly because of this woman's blog title, but it seems very hearty and cow-boy-y and who cares what's it's called because it's DAMNED good. I followed the recipe to a T and made enough to feed seven people with seconds. When you dream of lasagna, this is what you're thinking of--gooey cheesy mushy meaty goodness. And it's so simple!

On the menu for the upcoming week (if i get my sh*t together...):
Bulgogi-bought at the korean market pre-marinated. Serve with rice, conjure up nostalgic childhood memories. maybe add onion and impress your friends. or at least yourself.

Pork chops-marinade with crappy marinade stuff you always think is a good idea but generally isn't. serve with boxed risotto, and salad.

One night we're going to Hollywood East, which is this amazing Chinese restaurant in Wheaton. I love their pan fried triple delight and their Mongolian beef.

One night I'm going to try to garner the energy to eat in the city at Bistrot du Coin, my favorite french bistro that is unpretentious, down to earth and damned tasty. Though I can no longer swill their carafe of house red, the Mouclade de Charentes are calling to me.

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Shihwe said...

aw, hollywood east-that's where my parents took me after graduating from MD. order the fried ling cod-it was AMAZING! now i'm hungry for authentic chinese food :(