Sunday, August 05, 2007

Baby Shower!

Baby shower this weekend had sooo many wonderful elements to it!

Friends and family gathered together having fun and hanging out
Amazing baby gifts that baby will soon be enjoying
Much enjoyment of the Wii
So many baby visitors and one special toddler visitor!
FOOD glorious FOOOOD

Kai's famous Curry Chicken
Curried chicken salad
Angela's awesome burgers
Linden's tomato salad
Courtney's famous Orzo with feta
Gourmet cheesecake
Hot spinach and artichoke dip
Mini Crabcakes
Sherbert punch
Farm Fresh corn on the cob

I mean really, the choices were endless. The parade of food was gloriously topped off with... a humongous cupcake!

Thank you to everyone who came and I hope you had as fabulous a time as we did!

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