Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pancakes- the best?

One of the problems of having too many cookbooks is you have multiple variations of recipes. How do you know what will work?  It's Sunday morning, I've got the flour, the sugar, and the butter all out and I've got multiple tabs open.  Usually I trust Bittman. But I've been burned by Bittman's pancakes before (only figuratively). He recommends two cups of flour to one tablespoon of sugar. And even that's optional!  So I turned to Martha. And she has a more reasonable one cup of flour to two tablespoons of sugar recipe. Also, that's a good amount of pancakes for one and a half peoples.  But what if I want to add fruit? Bittman says it's ok. It's a variation.  So I pour the batter, top with fruit, wait for bubbles and flip. I also like that Martha says to douse some oil on a paper towel and use that to rub the pan down with. It is effective.
Here's Martha's recipe
And Bitman's *the picture is so not fair. of course his pancakes are better if you put bananas and pecans on top of them.
Is there something I don't know?

It looks like any ordinary pancake:

And then....

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