Wednesday, April 08, 2015

BACK from the dead

Update: Living in Richmond, VA
Married: To one uprooted mid-westerner
Raising- One full fledged eater- now seven and a half.
Expecting: One little scooter. Who counts as a half. Due in September.

While this news is very exciting, less so is the fact that my cooking has dropped by a LOT. There have been cooking adventures: a bo ssam, experiments with a fryer, and even some baking.

This spring break has been relaxing enough to make me say, I will cook again! I will!

I will commit to chicken, and pasta and something else that's easy to cook this week.

Since it was Easter we got a ham, even though it was only three of us. So we've been eating a lot of ham. Also, delicious creamy mashed potatoes from America's Test Kitchen. The secret? Use a food mill. Use Yukon Golds. And melt the butter into heavy cream.  We add a lot of salt, no pepper!!

A pre-cooked ham is not really a feat of cooking in and of itself. It's the effort, people.

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