Friday, October 12, 2007

Night Time

Night Time from Jane Yang on Vimeo.

How have I been sleeping, everyone asks. Is he sleeping through the night, they want to know. AHHH !! I don't know!!

Sometimes he sleeps. Sometimes he doesn't! Sometimes I don't know day from night!

Chris and I are trying to use the scheduling method of child rearing. Everything is going fantastically, except that 1) I keep getting off the schedule, 2) am not sure how to adjust for his developmental age, and 3) Gideon has gas and reflux which keep waking him up and off his "schedule." Two steps forward, one step imagine it in sleepwalking terms. It all seemed so much easier when I was reading from the book. Then it was all head nodding and mmhmming and why doesn't everyone just do this-ing.

I think the facility that created this being should upgrade its manufacturing process or something. Oh wait. That's me.

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Courtney Groeneveld said...

Have you been reading enough mommy blogs? You should try something like Prilosec? Prevacid? Also, check out the Ask Moxie blog for tips on sleep scheduling . . . I know too much about this. But I also appreciate a good night's sleep!