Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pee Stories

In a pee update, things have gone from bad to worse in diaper town. I'm talking about a RASH. He has not bumps, but a little red swelling. A line of swelling has turned painful looking, though no reaction to touching has occurred. Imminently the search for strategies has ensued.

The cure for diaper rash, says the internet?

Good old fashioned nakedness.

What does nakedness mean? This question can not be pondered until you have dealt with a machine that produces foul foul things, things that hundreds of years of technology has attempted to trap.

Oh no, says nature, you can not hold ME down. And so the list of things that have been peed upon will continue.

And with it, a new list shall begin. Oh you know the list I am talking about, though its monstrous name will not be mentioned here.

Let us just say that every day is laundry day in our house.


Courtney Groeneveld said...

What's the other list! We want more dirty and disgusting stories of motherhood to prepare us. Anyway - I had really really nasty diaper rash when I was little (I am a very delicate, sensitive girl, you know) and my parents found that just plain cortisone cream helped a lot. You could try that. Plus sweet, sweet, baby nakedness.

Courtney Groeneveld said...

P.S. Sorry, did that last comment sound dirty? I just like cute naked babies.

periperijane said...

I don't know if i'm allowed to use cortisone cream, because online reports note that babies absorb more of the drugs or whatnot. I don't know what to believe any more.

I'll tell you what finally worked.
1) No more wipes. Wipes are bad and irritate the baby butt. we keep a container of water and paper towels to wipe his bottom now.

2) Hair dryer. Set at lowest setting, to dry the bum. To note, cover baby peter weter with cloth as errant stream of pee could lead to instant death or at least shock.

It cleared it up in a jiffy.