Monday, July 19, 2010

New apartment, new kitchen, new challenges

I just moved into my new apartment a few weeks ago. It was built in the 1930's and it's adorable.

Living room



And ominous music..


It's tough. I have a third of the cabinet and counter space I used to have and even though it's not bad for a dc kitchen, it's tricky. Note: no dishwasher.

Look at my circa 1970 refrigerator- if you dare:

The fridge is bad, too, but the embarrassing amount of junk food must be hidden from view.

All in all, a challenge. Plus it's a billion degrees outside and there's no AC in there.

What will I make this week?

Mark Bittman's Grown up Macaroni and Cheese: I'll probably add tuna to it. Because that's how I roll.

I have been craving some Korean Chicken or Rib Stew. I got my hands on some kimchee. It's a lot. It doesn't come in a size less than a lot, unless you buy the weird not real kind at the Safeway, that's always tucked next to the Tofu. I have to figure out what to eat it with. It goes well with eggs, but not as well with toast. Go figure.

An unfortunate side effect to living in this walkable neighborhood with a kitchen that will broil you alive in the daytime if the oven is on, is eating out a lot. I have been to the pizza place not less than three times this month. And I may be going there again tomorrow. Darn you, pizza place!!

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Jenni said...

It looks great, though, Jane. you guys are really settling in.

Angela said...

why not try the NEW pizza place, We, The Pizza? report back please.

also...kimchee makes perfect FRIED RICE!!

Amy said...

Really nice!!
I'm visiting Argentina next month and I'd like to find apartments for rent Buenos Aires similar to this!
It looks lovely