Monday, October 16, 2006

Fisherman's Chowder

After rolling through all of tarnation to get the ingredients for this deceptively simple chowder, I was very pleased with the results. A thick flavorful stew with big chunks of firm white fish, yummy veggies, and a creamy tomato base. The cream base was a faux-roux of butter, flour and cream! When added to the initial stock base, the whole stew became a chowdah.

Served with Asiago cheese focaccia made by Safeway, which I've bought and served again with roasted chicken salad this weekend. I just threw together some leftover rotisserie chicken, which I warmed up in the microwave to get that nice chewy texture (just barely heated it), celery, onions, grapes, and mayo. YUM as RR would say.

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Angela said...

YUM-O, she'd say. Can't forget the O! She's so difficult to like but her recipes are so tempting. What to DO!