Thursday, October 05, 2006


I haven't posted in the entire month of September! Well, I ate out a lot that month as school was starting up again and I immediately caugth the DEATH FLU, the vestiges of which still linger within me. However, I have been 30 minutes or less cooking up a storm. For example, on Tuesday I made Spam Fried Rice, modifying a Mark Bittman fried rice recipe I've been using for years. It was the homeiest comfort food I ever had. I even surprised myself.

Monday, we had Rachel Ray's double stacked quesedillas and tomato soup. Those quesedillas are ridiculously easy to make, yet they taste special. Like moonbeams and unicorns sprinkles were added, but actually, those are just scallions. The recipe for the quesedillas are wedged in this recipe for "Salsa Stoup," which I've also made and I believe is NOT GOOD.

Last week, I made a crock pot Navy Bean Soup, shrimp with Risotto, chicken with asparagus, and these pork chops in a crock pot. That was NOT good, either, but it did use up those frozen pork chops I had. The navy bean soup was very good, and we ALMOST made it through the entire pot, even without Jeff's help. Did you ever try this recipe for sauteed snap peas and asparagus from Ina Garten? I think that's how I'm going to sautee all my vegetables now. It's very fast and makes all vegetables taste better.

Next week I'm going to ambitiously make Fish Chowder, Garlic Honey Ribs, and some spicy coconut shrimp. Hopefully.

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Angela said...

haha. moonbeams and unicorn sprinkles eh? I'm going to try that in my tofu stirfry tonight. let's see if Mike notices...