Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bombay Curry Company

Ooooh. We saw Harry Potter last night. OOOOOOH it was goooood.

But Before that we went to one of our favorite Indian restaurants, the Bombay curry company. Chris had the Goan Fish Curry, which I have no idea what is in it, but it is goood. It's big chunks of cod in a mild yellow coconut curry. The keenest thing about it is the fenugreek seeds. They just add a very distinctive but not overwhelming flavor.

I had the Butter Chicken, which is creamy, tomatoey, mildly spicy, and gooood.

We also had a side of the Saag Paneer which was OK. I never know if i like saag paneer. It's like, homemade cheese? That looks like tofu? And tastes like rubber? (but goood rubber, very good!) But I always end up getting it, so that probably means I do like it.

Then the movie. One caveat. Do not take small children to see this. It will put them out of their heads!!

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