Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Weekends= Eating Out.

Usually we do eat out on the weekends, but not on Sundays!

Friday: Maggianno's--rarely do the chain thing but I went with some friends. Got stuffed on bread and zucchini fritte, and only had four bites of linguini with white clam sauce. I think I'm going to try to cook that one day, because I like it. One of the pasta sauces I can tolerate. I think I may be anti-tomato sauce. Though I HATE alfredo.

Saturday: We went to see Pride and Prejudice (with Kiera Knightly--I know, "sacrilege, sacrilege!") I heartily agree. This version was passable, and how strange that so many versions of this story are POPPING UP. It was too late to eat out (my plans to go to Ella's were foiled!), so a lackluster dinner of hot dogs and baked beans was produced by the hubby. (good try, good try)

Sunday: A coma inducing dinner at Austin Grill. Dry rubbed wings: good, if a little too dry and sometimes burnt. Maybe this was due to my overwhelming hunger. Then I ordered the unfortunate "Hangover burger" because the prospect of a fried egg on ground meat always appeals to me. Unfortunately I had to scrape off the jalepeno seeds which made it impossible to eat, and there was no trace of the chili I was promised on it. Chris' mashed potatoes were pretty good though. I finished ONE quarter of the burger and ate the rest for lunch the next day.

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