Friday, November 18, 2005

Half Moon BBQ

Half Moon BBQ is this small hole in the wall BBQ place in silver spring, with a very loyal clientele. I've had a pulled pork sandwich here before, which was excellent, but the sides were very disappointing.

Yesterday, we went over to Jeff's house to put his brand new buffet together, and to admire his beautiful new dining room table. Ah, the house envy!!!

On the way we grabbed a full rack of ribs at Half Moon BBQ. It came with four sides; we chose BBQ baked beans, hand cut fries, coleslaw and potato salad.

The sides were tiny, and not very good (they came in small half cup containers, not even enough for two bites!). The potato salad was this garish yellow color and was completely bland, as was the coleslaw. Do they know about that spice for all seasons--salt?

The handcut fries were the biggest disappointment, they were dried out and tasted like they had been sitting on the counter. STRANGE since we waited for them when the rest of our food was getting cold!

And when we got back to Jeff's, guess what? NO BAKED BBQ beans. Tears well up just thinking about it.

However, the sides are not the reason to go to Half Moon BBQ. The BBQ is the reason to go to Half Moon. The ribs were awesome, fall off the bone, moist and flavorful; especially when slathered with the vinegary, spicy, not too sweet sauce they provide you with. Ribs=goood.

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