Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Roast Chicken Sunday Supper

Roast Chicken
Mustard Broccoli
Twice Baked Potatoes

So this is not a QUICK supper, but it's very easy and takes very little time to prepare.
The first step is to prep the roast chicken. I got the recipe from Young and Hungry, by Dave Lieberman. His chicken is already cut into parts, then marinated in olive oil, rosemary, thyme, lemon rind, salt and pepper.

Four hours later, start baking some potatoes. I just poke some holes in them and bake them at 350 for an hour.
Halfway through I put the chicken in the oven.

I put water on to boil for the broccoli and I put the ingredient for the sauce together. It's just dijon mustard, lemon juice and butter. You melt it in the microwave, but I wait until the broccoli is done for that.

I start making the sauce for the potatoes, which is available from AllRecipes, the best recipe site on the web. It includes sour cream, milk, butter, cheddar cheese, and green onions. I also popped some bacon into my Makin Bacon (best convenience as seen on tv product ever), to top the potatoes. Unfortunately I used too much milk so my potatoes were mushy. They still tasted good. After the potatoes are done, you cut them in half, mix in the potato filling into the sauce, and mash them. Then refill the potato skins, top them with more cheddar cheese and crumbled bacon bits, and pop them back into the oven.

Now it should be time to take the chicken out of the oven. Check to see if it's done (dave says, if the white meat is done before the dark meat, seperate them and put the dark meat back into the oven. DUH DAVE).

Cover it with tinfoil and let it rest.

Now prep the broccoli and put it into the boiling water.

Dave likes to put lemon parsley olive oil mixture on his chicken. Make this now (very easy!)

Pop the sauce into the microwave (30 seconds), drain the broccoli out when it's ready, toss with the sauce and it's done.

Now the potatoes can come out of the oven.

Everything is ready to serve. Drizzle the chicken with the parsley sauce, put everything on nice platters and a brilliant Sunday dinner is ready!

The chicken tasted kind of bland to me--more salt needed (as usual).
The potatoes were mushy, but tasty.
Chris said the broccoli was too strong, but I liked it. Maybe less lemon next time.

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